Three times a mummy

A teenage 3 year old?!?!

on November 13, 2012

I am very confused. When did 3 years old fall into the category of teenage.

My three old son has more attitude than a 14 year old, hormonal girl. He has mood swings, he talks back, he hasn’t started growing facial hair or had his voice start breaking so I guess that’s reassuring. Not the girls grow facial hair or have there voice break. I would like him to start wanting to not get out of bed in the morning too. But he has major attitude.

Take today for example, we went out with my parents and my niece who had not done her homework was ill, so my mum and dad were looking after her, and within 5 minutes of being with them she confessed all. Anyway, so we are the middle row of my Dad’s people carrier and A, my niece, is sat behind us. Jack calls her name and I turn to look at him to see what he is going to say, then, I quote, he says “scuse me mum, I am not talking to you, I am talking to A, you turn around and mind your business not mine”. Thanks for putting me in my place Jack.
Later we were in hobbycraft, Jack climbed onto the base of a display unit
, about 3 inches of the ground, and the assistant (in a patronising tone) asked me to get him off (which fair enough he shouldn’t have been up there, but she was so snotty, probably because a couple of mins early I said maybe a bit too loudly) that I wasn’t going to buy something from there, but from the Internet where it was much cheaper), I asked him and get down and he said “no”. The helpful shop assistant feels the need to butt in (one of biggest bug bears in when strangers think that my child is more likely to listen to them than me, I do actually feel quite smug when he doesn’t), and asks “you don’t want to fall off and hurt yourself do you”, to which he replied “yes, I like hurting myself”, to which she replied “but you might have to go to hospital”, this is when I know the conversation is going to get interesting, and Jack replies “I actually love hospital, I went to the hospital last week (he actually went in June), and I really like it there, I have a friend there called Joseph and a nurse called Sean and I can have ice cream every day”, then decides to start jumping up and down in what I guess is an attempt to hospitalise himself.

Yesterday he didn’t want to go to nursery and said “I am grumpy very much”, to which I laughed and asked him how old he was, “I am 8. I am 8 mummy, that’s too old for nursery mummy, I will have to stay at home”.

How did he get some grown up? Sometimes I think he’s comments are hilarious. Sometimes (like in hobbycraft) I get very embarrassed. I have no idea how to stop him being “cheeky” as I don’t think he yet understands the concept.

All I can say is, I am not looking forward to the teenage years if he is like this already.


One response to “A teenage 3 year old?!?!

  1. Wow, he’s got attitude. Hopefully, he will use it for the best. Funny dialogue with the shop assistant.

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