Three times a mummy

Pregnancy – The things nobody warns you about Part 1

on December 27, 2012

Last night I had my first weird dream of this pregnancy.

I was giving a witness statement to the police about how me and 2 of housemates (I was young, child free and unmarried), killed a man in selfdefense. I dreamt out every detail of the event as I gave my statement.

It was awful. It was the type of dreamnightmare that makes you feel physical sick when you wake up. And I wondered how my mind was capable of making up such sick and twisted stories. Probably a combination of watching too many crime related programmes and studying Criminology.

I had similar kinds of dreams in my other pregnancies. No one ever warned of this kind of thing. When I later read some pregnancy books, I found out its not that uncommon, but it would have been nice to hear about it in advance before I thought I was turning into murderer.


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