Three times a mummy

Pregnancy – The things nobody warns you about Part 2

on January 21, 2013

Even when your bump is tiny, it’s impossible to bend down.

Not fun!

We are currently enjoying a rare snowfall in England at the min, can I put my wellies on with ease? no. Can I bend to be able to build a snowman with my preschooler? no. Am I always exposing my midriff to pull up the “over the bump” pouch on my maternity trousers? yes, my bump isn’t big enough to hold my maternity trousers up yet, but my regular trousers are far too small. Am I always exposing my builders bum when I bend over in my “under the bump” trousers? yes. Neither is good for when you are out and about in the cold weather.

I feel like every time I bend over forwards I cannot actually breathe and I look like a total idiot when I stand back up red faced due to a lack of oxygen.


A picture of the snowman we made, it had to be small because I couldn’t bend over anymore 😦


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