Three times a mummy

Pregnancy – The things nobody warns you about Part 3

on January 27, 2013

Just to clarify, these “things no one warned you about being pregnant” posts are not me complaining about being pregnant. I am very grateful have the opportunity to carry babies, it is just me observing the things that they fail to mention in pregnancy books. Although this post is a bit of rant about people’s rudeness when it comes to….

Weight gain.

Ordinarily no one would ever come up to you and say you have gained weight (maybe behind your back, but never to your face), but this week I had the following conversation.

J: “How many weeks pregnant are you now?”
Me: “19”
J: “Aren’t you looking big” (a statement, not a question)
Me: (not really knowing how to respond, and thinking I didn’t actually look too big) “Erm…yeah, I guess so. But it is my third”
J: “My niece used that same excuse”
Me: “Well it is true, they say the more you have the quicker you show”
J: “My other niece is 30 weeks and she is about the same size as you, although she has got a very neat bump, you seem to have put weight on all the way round”

Thanks. Great self esteem boost! Not! I don’t mind people commenting on my bump, but to say that it is my third pregnancy is an “excuse”, and that I have put weight on all the way round is just rude!

Like you don’t have enough body hang ups as it is when you are pregnant without people thinking you want their opinion on your changing body. Although comments such as “you look fab pregnant” are extremely welcome.

Rant over!


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