Three times a mummy

Pregnant v Old

on April 13, 2013

This is a rant post! Be warned, I am extremely tired and sleep deprived. Everyone of my children kept me awake at some point during the night.
Bumps was break-dancing all through night. Each time I woke It kept taking me ages to get back sleep because it was wriggling all night long!

So anyway, my rant.

This afternoon I was waiting in the bus station for a bus (surprisingly!) When the said bus arrived the people who were there before me joined the queue first followed by 2 old dears who arrived after me. But never mind, it’s an easy mistake to make (or so I would tell myself on a normal day), then the old dears seat on the seats right next to where the prams go. That’s fine, because I will just sit on the fold down seat next to the pram, and have Jack on my knee. But no, the oldest looking old dear has put her shopping trolley there. I can barely fit the pram in the space. Never-mind me too. Luckily Jack was happy to sit on the single chair behind the driver, whilst i stood next to the pram, with my coat off and 7 month pregnant belly sticking out (with a bit of emphasis to make sure she was in no doubt that I was with child). Did they move or make any attempt to accommodate my needs. No! I wouldn’t mind, but the bus was not busy. They could have had the seats behind them, or across the aisle. I would have gladly moved elsewhere but there is only one spot to pop the pram in.

I know we should give the oldies a seat on the bus, and I gladly would have if it had been full. But it wasn’t. They were just been mean (or at least that’s how it felt)!

Rant over!


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