Three times a mummy

Morning sickness! End around 12 weeks?

on April 20, 2013

According to most sources morning sickness ends around 12 weeks.

Let me just say-what a load of rubbish! I am almost 32 weeks and not impressed.

I am currently writing this post whilst feeling sorry for myself at 2:42am on a Friday night/Saturday morning, from my sofa, after being sick in my kitchen sink. I couldn’t risk being sick in the toilet like normal people for the fear I waking the boys up.

For the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy I had no sickness whatsoever. I am not going to claim that I have had particularly bad sickness, but since being about 13/14 weeks I must have been sick at least once a week. Usually occurring when I get over tired. Last night I did have a bad night sleep, but had a much needed 2 hour nap this afternoon when my husband became my superhero (very mushy I know), and took half a day of work. Although he only did it to stay in my good books because he want to play golf in the morning. I actually felt more awake this evening than I had felt in a long time!


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