Three times a mummy

Pregnancy Insomnia

on April 21, 2013

Everyone warns you about how tired you will feel in the first few weeks of pregnancy, but I don’t recall many warning me about tired I would feel towards the end. And those who did failed to tell that to make matters worse, not only would I be tired, I would become an insomniac. I would lay in bed wide awake desperate for sleep to come.

The crazy thing is I love sleep! I have absolutely no problem getting to sleep on a night. Quite the opposite in fact. But in each one of pregnancies there has come an hour where I wake up and I am awake for a 2 or 3 hours.

In pregnancy no. 1 would be awake for no reason whatsoever (the early days heartburn would wake me up, but once I found the cause I was fine). I wasn’t worried, uncomfortable (for the most part) or in pain. I was just awake. Quite often I would put in my ear phones, listen to something relaxing or a soundtrack from a musical and waste the hours away that way. I can remember asking the Dr if there was anything you could take to help you sleep whilst pregnant. He told me that although there was no sleeping tablet I could take, if I was in a bit of pain, paraceptamol would help with the pain and have a side effect of making me drosey and sleepy. I tired it. Didn’t work!

In pregnancy no. 2. This time I would lay awake in pain. Not ideal, but at least I knew why I was awake. I would dose up on painkillers. Have a wheat pack on my back/stomach/wherever hurt. If the pain got too much I would have to go to the hospital for pain relief, such as pethidine or morphine, both with sides effect of making you sleep. A very welcome side effect. As soon as the drug was given I was asleep within a few minutes.

In this pregnancy I can’t sleep because I need to get up to go to toilet, can’t get back to sleep because I need a drink. Then need to the toilet again. Followed by me needing a drink, followed by a trip to the toilet (seeing a pattern here?) Its not just needing a drink, it’s me been extremely thirsty. Then about 3am I get hungry. I can’t be bothered going downstairs to get anything to eat, but the hunger keeps me awake. Sometimes it’s heartburn, sometimes I am far to warm, sometimes my big bump gets in the way, I wake up with leg cramps, or with a child crying. Often I am awake for no apparent reason. Then get into the dangerous ground of looking at the clock and thinking “I have x amount of hours until I have to get up”.

I am going to try and put some old wives tales to the test over the next few nights. Watch this space. Something has just got to work!


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