Three times a mummy

Problems with nesting

on May 20, 2013

Today is my first day of my Maternity Leave. I am 36 weeks, and a bit paranoid that I may go into labour in a week (as that’s when baby no. 1 came), therefore I am itching to get the house ready NOW! And for some reason that means I feel like I have repaint, declutter, tidy, wash and iron everywhere and everything.

I didn’t have the nesting instinct in my previous 2 pregnancy, but this time I am going crazy! I couldn’t sleep last night for thinking about how I should plan my day. We are going on holiday on Friday, which gives me even less time than I would like. The boys are in nursery today, Wednesday and Thursday. But I am not being as productive as I had hoped to be. Why? Because nesting is quite difficult when you are pregnant. My bump makes bending over or reaching up really difficult. My fat feet hurt when I stand on them or bend them. I am tired. All I really want to do is sit on the sofa, but my restless legs and over running mind make that really difficult. I don’t want to nap because I scared it will make sleeping at night even more difficult than it is already.

I am trying my hardest to sit down when I feel the need to. The last thing I want is to be too tired to do anything for the next couple of days because I over did it today. But when I do sit down I feel totally unsettled by the mess.

I have managed to complete a mountain of ironing today, which makes me very happy. The only problem with doing all the ironing is that I realise we don’t actually have enough room to house all the clothes in there correct place. I feel a trip to Ikea coming on post-pay day 🙂

I keep telling myself to do the important jobs first. Painting is I can think about, but if I am in hospital for a couple of days anytime soon my husbands is going to want to be able to find the boys clothes where they should be, not have them in a massive pile of unironed clothes in a freshly painted room.


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