Three times a mummy

Things that matter the most

on May 31, 2013

Tonight is the last night of our extend family holiday.

Every other year my in-laws treat us all to a family holiday. This is the 3rd one I have attended, and on each of them I have been pregnant. This is most pregnant I have been on one. In fact at 37 weeks and 4 days it’s actually the most pregnant I have ever been. Ever!

I have found it hard but very rewarding. Keeping up with the children when they are being active is very tiring. I can keep an eye on them much easier from the sofa when in our own house. But in a lovely big farm house, with far too many rooms and secret passages, it’s very difficult. Especially with 7 children aged 5 and under encouraging each other in mischief, or as they like to call it “going on an adventure” 🙂

But this time away and together as a family has made me appreciate how much the simple things really mean.

We have had the boys sleeping in the same room as us (the room is pretty much as big as the whole of our upstairs at home, with an en suite bigger than our family bathroom. Depressing!) But I absolute love getting into bed on a night and listening to them breathing and moving. And taking comfort in the fact that we are all together. I love, love, love it! Although when one of them wakes up, I do not like the panic of “please don’t wake the other one up!”

I love to see the boys running riot with their cousins. They are doing everything we have asked them not to, but they are building lasting relationships with their cousins. With their family members. I love that when we go out for the day to do something Jack asks if his “friends” are going too. He knows they are his cousins but be refers to them as “friends”. Gorgeous!

I love that Jack keeps asking when it’s June. He knows our baby is due in June and he can not wait. I just hope he doesn’t think that if will be here on June 1st! Jack and Charlie are smitten with their baby cousin, who is 6 months. And are constantly fussing our him. I didn’t think Charlie would be but he is totally in love with him.

The house we are in has a couple of Hot Tubs. My idea of bliss! I have been in every night and as well as soaking my aching body (which I know is not recommended during pregnancy, but l did research before hand and acted upon concerns), it was lovely to ignore the TV (and the fact that its the semi finals of Britians Got Talent), and sit and talk with people! It’s such a social think to do. We had conversations that normally wouldn’t have happened. I really got to strengthen relationships with my extend family and I have loved every minute.

I love the sunshine. I love the beach. I love ice cream and little faces covered in ice cream. I love babes snoring in beds besides me. I love talking, listening and understanding people, as well feeling understood by others.

My week away has made me more aware of the things that I far too often forget, it’s the simple things that matter the most. I am glad we had chance to get away from our “normal life” for a week and had chance to step back and see the things that matter the most.


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