Three times a mummy

I hereby declare I am qualified to be a mother to boys

on June 18, 2013

Today Jack got a much wanted Lego Garbage Truck.

We bought it through the magic of the Internet thus the postman delivered it, adding to the excitement! Jack’s face was sooo happy and gorgeous. He was so excited he wanted to play with it right away so I opened the box only to be greeted with 3 bags full of little pieces! I ordered a garbage truck, not a box of little tiny pieces of Lego, but apparently you get the pieces and put it together yourself (I did know that really, I was just hoping the pieces would be much smaller), it’s supposed to be part of the fun.

After about 45 minutes of having a toddler trying to pull all the pieces off the table, and wanting to sit on my knee (which I couldn’t allow because that just made it easier for him to pull the pieces off the table), and having a preschooler pick up every piece and ask “what’s this one for?” and constantly watch my every move, which really made me feel the pressure, I successfully assembled the said Garbage Truck and had a very happy little boy as a result.

I had to cheer myself along telling myself after every piece I put together that I was one step closer to the end result.

In the end I was very proud of myself and now officially feel qualified to be the mother of boys! Although I look forward to the day they get excited to put it together themselves. Until that day I will just encourage megablocks, they are far easier to work with.

I just need to learn the off-side rule (hopefully I will have a few years to work on that).

The Masterpiece


20130618-221245.jpg The Happy Customer


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