Three times a mummy

Skin to skin

on July 4, 2013

Since becoming a mother I have realised just how important skin is.

It is far more than the largest organ of body.

Skin protects us from the elements, it regulates our body temperature, it allows us to be sensitive to touch and a whole lot more.

In my first pregnancy I knew that skin to skin contact was good for the baby. I can’t say I really understood why, but I knew it helped the baby to feel safe in the minutes after birth. I wanted this. After having a water birth, and thus already been naked, this was easy to do.

My second born didn’t quite get that same experience. Born my an emergency c-section at 32 weeks, they wrapped him in blankets straight away and whisked him to NICU. I barely got to see him that day, let along touch him. But the first time I held him a couple of days after, we had skin to skin. It was strongly promoted by the nurses and I am glad it was.

After Charlie’s birth I trained to become a baby massage instructor and learnt and continue to learn so much about the importance of skin to skin contact and the many benefits, so I knew this time I had to have skin to skin. My baby needed and had a right to it.

I make sure that my baby as at least one feed a day where we have skin to skin.

It’s my favourite time of the day.



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