Three times a mummy

Becoming FULL TIME mum to 3!!!

on July 8, 2013

This weekend my husband and I had “the talk”

The biggest two boys are currently still in nursery the days I used to work (3 days a week). I knew once my bump became baby, we’d have “the talk”, the talk about cutting down the boys attendance at nursery. We both agree that we think the best place for the boys to be is at home with mummy. We’d love to be able to have me be home full time, all the time, but unfortunately we need me to work (just part time) to make sure ends meet

But now I am on maternity leave, I am at home full time, so felt it right to have the boys at home with me

Luckily we have to give the nursery one months notice, so I have that time to
mentally prepare myself and physically prepare the house. I need to declutter and organise the house better, making it easier to run the house, to help me be able to keep things tidy!!!

I need to get organising some activities! It’s easy to keep the boys entertained 2 days a week, especially when we go out with my parents one of those days! I need to put into action some of the pins I have on my “messy play” and “boys activities” board I have on Pinterest


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