Three times a mummy

I’m finding it hard to be myself

on July 31, 2013

The thing I have found the hardest about the last 7 weeks is the lack of time I have to be myself

The me I know had time to do her hair (to a standard I felt was acceptable). Now I struggle to find a hair brush. One of the big 2 often pick it up to play with, and abandon it somewhere I would never think to look, and I just casually come across it a couple of days later, or it ends up under the big pile of clothes I need to put away. And I cannot remember the last time I used a hair dryer! The natural look does not work for me

The me I know has chance to apply a minimal amount of make up, enough to make me feel like I didn’t look dog rough

The me I know has nice clothes, that fit! I currently have oversized maternity clothes or my regular clothes which fit way too snug!

The me I know has time to maintain her eyebrows, shave her legs, brush her teeth before lunch time and moisturise

I am currently not doing any of these things

I have turned in to the mum I never wanted to be. I some how thought that being a mum who had clothes covered in food/snot/sick, no make up, bags under the eyes and hair tied back into a messy (not in cool way) pony tail was a choice. Not something you are forced in to

This week I have tried really hard to regain some control over myself. To be myself as well as a mother

I have embarked on project moisturise. I am trying to make sure that I make time to cover my body in body lotion so that my flabby, wobbly post pregnancy body can a least be a silky soft one. It’s not going to look good for a while, but it can at least feel nice

Just to clarify, I would not swap mothering my 3 boys for anything I miss. I just want to try and manage being comfortable with myself and being a mummy

Hopefully it’s possible


2 responses to “I’m finding it hard to be myself

  1. I completely agree and relate to this article.. Although I’m mom to only one little boy, but believe me he is a handful. Our lives are Topsy turvy yet motherhood is heavenly….

  2. I feel like I have lost a bit of myself with every child! I am now following you, hopefully I’ll able to use some of your tips to help me look beautiful 🙂 x

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