Three times a mummy

My must-have item: COCONUT OIL

on July 31, 2013

I never thought something so simple could become my lifesaver

I have to have coconut oil on hand at all times

We were first introduced when I trained as a baby massage instructor. It’s an oil recommended as safe to use on babies skin, along with sunflower oil. It’s so pure and delicate!

It’s becoming easier and easier to get hold of. Most supermarkets stock it, and I have in fact seen the same bottle down the food isle as down the beauty isle. It’s so cheap and versatile. I can not rate it enough. If you do already use it, I suggest you do

I have found that is excellent for new mums and mums-to-be

See my list of benefits below, I am sure this only touches the surface, but these are the reasons I like it….

-Rub the oil on to the skin to prevent and provide relief to stretch marks and dry skin

-Applying it to the perineum in the weeks leading up to labour can help prevent tearing

-Applying it to cotton wool when cleaning the babies first few dirty nappies helps the sticky meconium come right off. Personally I find just water and cotton wool pretty hard work

-Can prevent/treat nappy rash

-Can be used to treat cradle cap

-Breast feeding mums can use to it to treat dry/cracked nipples as its perfectly safe for the baby

-All round moisturiser for mother and baby

-Safe and effective to use on eczema

It also has many benefits when used in cooking, which I haven’t yet tried



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