Three times a mummy

Warning! Breastfeeding can seriously harm your child!

on August 19, 2013

Warning! breastfeeding can seriously harm your child

While mine anyway

A few days ago I got accepted to breastfeeding group on Facebook, so whilst I was doing the last feed of the day (which I tend to do laying on the bed), I thought I would have a look at the said Facebook group on my phone, then the phone slipped out of my hand and hit my poor 9 week old on the head. Then silence. Then the almighty cry. The one that makes me feel like the worse mother that ever lived!

It’s lucky that this baby sleeps through the night, as his older brother was a terrible sleeper and as a result ended up with a phone on his head most nights, before you phone Social Services I wasn’t trying to knock him out to make him sleep, I would play on my phone during the night to stop me falling asleep whilst feeding him, but quite often tiredness would get the better of me, and my eyes would start to close and my hand would loose grip of my phone, and bang! right of baby’s head!

So, I have now come to the conclusion that what goodness I give children from breast milk, is totally wasted if I am killing off brain cells by dropping phones on their heads!


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