Three times a mummy

An university education…

on September 28, 2013


Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of me starting university, at least that’s what my friend told. I trust her, so I guess I’ll take her word for it

I studied Applied Criminology. When I started the course I planned on going on to do a post graduate degree in law and becoming a rich criminal lawyer, going to work in the city in a flash car, designer suit and fabulous stilettos. I was far more concerned about a job title and how I looked than anything else

1O years, where am I? I am at home with a 15 week old baby boy asleep upstairs, a 2 year old in his cot about to have a nap and 4 year old spending his 3rd full week at school. Husband at work. I am enjoying a little lunch break – something I rarely get (if occasionally happens when nap times overlap). My clothes are nowhere near designer (next is the closet I get!), I am still learning to drive and flat shoes are so much more comfortable and practical than heels. This is the life I want

My main focus in life is about raising 3 boys who will help bring about good in this world. Who will work hard so their future wife’s can raise their children

I wouldn’t change this job for the world

And although my degree has absolutely nothing to do with being a Stay At Home Mum, without it I doubt would be here now

In was in those three years at university that shaped me. It changed me for the better. I decided that the things that I would come to value in my life didn’t have a financial cost

The experiences I had, and friends I made provided me with the important education I could have received at university

I some times feel like university was a waste of time and money because I haven’t used my degree, but when I look back on the journey my life has taken. University was such an important road. I would be a very different person

And doubt I would have been a happy one at that


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