Three times a mummy

Breastfeeding in public

on October 19, 2013

I have breastfed at home, in McDonalds, the feeding room in Mothercare, in Costa, in church, at the zoo, the cinema and the circus. I have breastfed on the bus and the train. I am pretty much happy to feed everywhere and anywhere. And I am far more concerned with people seeing my fat tummy rather than seeing my breast. We would be so restricted about where we could go if I felt conscious about feeding in public.

I have never experienced a negative comment from anyone whilst feeding on the go. The opposite in fact! Just this week I was feeding my baby in the waiting room at the Health Visitors and was told by a formula feeding mummy how much she wished she could do it. I quite often get told by older ladies how wonderful they think breastfeeding is. I have on a couple of occasions being offered more discrete place to feed my baby, but not in a manner that made me think like they thought I should go somewhere else, more in a concerned manner that I might find it more comfortable.

Reactions to breastfeeding have had a lot of bad press recently. It seems a fair few mummy’s have experienced people making unsupportive comments about nursing in public.

I just want to tell mum’s who may be put off feeding in public because of the fear if being asked to stop by total stranger, that these encounters are rare. And to all remind us mummy’s, that unsupportive comments are very much their problem. Not ours.

I have been feeding Oliver for 4 months now. This is longest one of my boys has had only my breast milk. Jack was only breastfeed for 6 weeks because I became seriously ill. Charlie had donor breast milk in the first week of his life before mine came in. But Oliver has had only mine.

I am rather proud of these chubby cheeks…



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