Three times a mummy

It’s a walk in the park

on November 28, 2013

Since entering the world motherhood some 4 years and 3 months ago I have been desperate to find the answer to the following question….

“How can I feel more awake during the day?”

People often tell you “sleep when the baby sleeps“. That is all well and good except that is the only time I have to myself and the only time I get to do most of the housework. And then the baby becomes a toddler and eventually stops napping. I would hate being used to having an afternoon nap and then have it taken away by someone with considerable more energy than myself

I have really been struggling lately and was recommended the following idea….

Go for a walk first thing every morning
Walk for 10 minutes to warm up, 20 minutes of power walking (stopping for nothing) and 10 minutes to cool down

I have been doing this everyday for 2 weeks now (with the help of a very supportive husband who has taken to going into work later to watch the boys whilst I do it) and it works. It really works! I have barely felt the overwhelming desire to sleep all day. I honestly felt exhausted All. The. Time! But not anymore. I can not believe the difference

It gives me some alone time, fresh air, exercise and I actually get to listen to some music I want to listen to! What more could I need?

I have loved getting to know my local area better and seen some lovely views






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